Evaluation Review/Support


Does each of your existing programs have a clearly defined evaluation strategy? Is evaluation a component of your program design approach? Are you concerned about your program not receiving the credit it deserves? Are draft evaluation results coming in lower than you expected? Do you need some help making sure that evaluation methods are appropriate and well-matched to program intervention strategies?


Over the past 15 years, I have worked with implementation teams, program sponsors, and evaluators to make sure that programs are evaluated fairly and that all parties are working together to arrive at the most accurate results possible. To facilitate collaboration, I “speak the language” of the various program partners while looking carefully at the evaluation approaches and methods compared to the program intervention strategies and market conditions. I have worked with nearly every major energy program evaluator in the country. In every case, I have bridged the gap between the program delivery and evaluation teams in a way that improves results. Sometimes the changes are quite large, sometimes they are modest, but in ALL cases, more robust, defensible, and actionable results are delivered from program evaluations where all parties are working together.

For specifics or more information or to get started collaborating today, give me a call or email. I am eager to help.

Program Potential & Design


Are you looking for the next great program offering, but need some help figuring out the potential in your territory or identifying the best program intervention strategies? I have worked both on the implementation and evaluation sides of energy efficiency for many years. With this experience I can help you design program offerings that make sense to your customers, have a solid implementation strategy, and yield strong evaluated results. Having well-articulated program logic and a thorough understanding of your customers’ decision-making processes are both essential elements to successful program design. SCS ANALYTICS can assist either from the ground up as you consider a new product or program offering or I can step in with you at a targeted juncture to ensure that the program design will stand up to evaluation.

Whatever your needs, however big or small, I am ready to help. Give me a call or email me today. Let’s get started.

Timely Evaluation & Feedback

c_400x267Evaluation of energy programs is an essential task. Unfortunately, too many evaluations focus more on generating lengthy reports than generating timely, actionable information to improve program offerings and impact. Especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, it is critically important that evaluation teams consider the why’s and when’s of tasks associated with the overall effort.

SCS ANALYTICS can work with you to design evaluation plans that deliver not only overall key program process and impact findings, but also feedback on essential program elements throughout the effort. We’re not talking simply about draft findings. We’re talking about building elements into the evaluation plan that target program strategies or market dynamics where course corrections or program alterations are anticipated. Do you have a program that is struggling to meet its goals? Are you trying to fine-tune your efforts? Let’s build a plan to get you the feedback that you need when you need it.

Data, Market, & Regulatory Analysis


We are living in an increasingly data rich environment and things are constantly getting more complicated. Quantitative data analysis is always only as good as the questions asked and the methods used to make the most of the data available to answer them. Additionally, regulatory frameworks and changes and market dynamics constantly alter the opportunity for energy efficiency.

Let us work with you to ask the right questions and pull together the right data and methods to answer those questions accurately and comprehensively. And, let’s not forget the value in being able to “tell a story” with your data. This is something SCS ANALYTICS excels in and we appreciate the opportunity to work alongside you to bring in information from a wide spectrum of sources and keep it focused on your challenges and goals.